Can I safely return my box for recycling?

We are happy to announce that we’re reinstating box collections for our Meal Kit customers in Joburg, Cape Town and surrounds to reduce waste in the most convenient way possible. Customers can return their box to their courier when their new order is delivered to their address, and we’ll handle your box recycling for you back at our warehouse.

Please be assured that we are following all safety protocols and stringent hygiene measures to ensure that we do not facilitate the spread of COVID in any way, with COVID officers in both of our warehouses, and a COVID manager to ensure safety measures are upheld.

Our warehouse staff are following the below approved COVID safety precautions to ensure boxes are safely collected and sanitised, and that their health and safety is prioritised:

1. Warehouse staff wear PPE, including overcoats, hairnets, masks, face shields and gloves when handling all boxes. 

2. All reusable and recyclable items are inspected and then safely disinfected with Germdeo or Sterispray sanitiser. 

3. All items are then set aside for reuse and recycling.


You can read more about our COVID safety measures here.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team on

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