How do I activate my Discovery Vitality HealthyDining benefit?

We've partnered with Vitality HealthyDining to bring you even more savings whenever you order your selected Meal Kit dishes and Craft Meals! From February 2021, you can get rewarded with up to 25% back when you choose healthier items on our menu – here's how it works. 

Vitality HealthyDining takes the guesswork out of choosing healthier options on the menu. Qualifying UCOOK meals are all marked with the HealthyDining indicator, making it simple for you to see where you'll save. 

If you're a Vitality member, and haven't activated your HealthDining Rewards yet, you can do so by following the prompts here.


Step 1: Link your HealthyDining and Vitality:
1. You must first download and log in to the latest version of the Discovery app > Vitality > Health > HealthyDining to activate the benefit.

Step 2: Select your HealthyDining Meal Kit dishes or selected Craft Meals:
1. Create your account, login or register on
2.Under your profile settings or at check out, enter your ID or passport number for a once off activation to verify your Vitality account. This applies to an existing profile or if you are creating a new profile.
3. Select a meal with the HealthyDining indicator.
4. Complete your order.
5. Once we've received your order, Vitality will process your rewards. After you have placed an order, you can read the detailed statement in the Discovery app for more information.

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